Friday, June 03, 2011

emergency city


green zone 0 patient. yellow zone 0 patient. red zone 0 patient. obs bay 0 patient. procedure room 0 patient. i rule! (in a humble way)


Blogger hafizahmaha said...

weh... kau dah abandon facebook ka? tau-tau aku dah tak nampak kau dalam friends aku. we may not be friends on facebook, but i glad we're friends in real life. hahaha.

04 June, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

woooot. facebook aku limitkan usage daa. max 30 friends je. banyak sangat komplikasi la add ramai ramai orang nih. especially kalau add orang from workplace. wooooot. haha. kotroversiod!

facebook should be used as what it is, social network site. it's a tool, just like handphones and tukul warrington. people go to far by taking it seriously. when people come up to you and say "bla bla bla.. just look at your facebook page," it's time to berambus.

like you said, we're friends in real life. whatever 'fake' life means. haha.

04 June, 2011  

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