Saturday, June 04, 2011

The Best Man

To date, I've become a Best Man for four occasions.

Saiful's Best Man on Ana's reception.

Saiful's Best Man on Saif's reception.

Ezran's Best Man.

Ali's Best Man. Ehem. Tengok betul-betul sikit. Dah kurus ok.

Now here's the kicker. If, in all four occasions, I am the BEST man, why the heck am I still single? Muaaahahaha (gelak kurang kewarasan).

The person who leaves the best reason in the comment section will win a VIP pass for the makan beradab in, errrr, my wedding kot. Muaaahahaaha (gelak evil genius).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

havent u heard that people say.. save the best for the last?.. muehehehe (gelak senget).. that's why u r still single! (comforting kan?)

10 June, 2011  
Anonymous ezran said...

kan aku dah bagi alasan aku dulu depan mak hang... takkan takle menang kot vip pass hang. Hehe anyway, hang mmg BEST man and BEST fren aku bro... (aisey, bunyi gay la pulak)

14 June, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

ingaaaaat. "dah cantik dia kata bodo." hahaha.

14 June, 2011  

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