Monday, June 20, 2011

Closing a Chapter and Starting a New One

In the last a month and a half, things have really plateaued. While I didn't manage to gain any weight in that time (as a matter of fact, I dropped a kilo), I shouldn't get comfortable. There's a reason I was fat (still am!) and that's because I got comfortable with laziness (borrowing the concept of PFG - previously fat guys - founded by Simon Cross).

The next time you see me, please don't say "Wow, you've lost weight!" I appreciate that you noticed, but what I need right now is not to get comfortable. I would rather you say "Why aren't you losing more weight?" Just say it. I won't get offended.

Closing the chapter of The Final Frontier, this is series of photos that I took after every training session. Almost 5 months. 21kg lost on the weight. 6 inches on the waist.

Brewing is the plot of a new chapter. It shall be called Coming Home.

Yes. Another one inspired by the Iron Maiden.


Blogger Nur Zawani Zainudin said...

thank you

you have inspired me so much.

bottom line is.............

Hati Mau Kuat!!!

thanks again..

21 June, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

thanks wani. :) apa cerita kat sarawak?

24 June, 2011  

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