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Putrajaya International Marathon 2006

It's the Putrajaya International Marathon 2006, and I ran in the half marathon event. 21 pain in the ass kilometers (actually I only ran 12 km. DNFed because I injured my ankle). This was my second half marathon event, and my second DNF. Haha. Both due to the same reason. I had fun anyway. Here was what happened that day.

Woke up at 5.10am and quickly got ready. I got everything with me this time, except I forgot to leave something behind. Didn't have time for my morning dump, so I had to run with the half kilo extra weight. Haha. While driving, I took my homemade PowerBar, something I call the PowerPack (I shall share this in the future). Psyched myself up with some rock tune from The Who, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Richie Kotzen.

When I arrived, the marathon event had just started. I parked my car and quickly took my wudhu' and performed Subuh prayer at the car park, next to my car (later I found out the organizers actually prepared a decent surau. Not bad.). I changed, and met Chee Yoong near the starting point. Did some stretching and before I knew it, BOOM! We're off.

One km into the race, my right ankle starts to complain. Adoi la. So I stopped and loosened the lace, which helped. Ahhh. Best. It worked. I didn't aim high. Cukup la running at 7kmph. Everything was ok. Until it was at about the 10th km, the ankle complained again. I stopped and massged my right foot. No good. So I limped the next 2 km. Managed to come across one dude. He said 'Bang, jangan paksa diri, bang.' Yeah right. I kept on limping. At some point, I was hopping on one foot. Sampai la kat the 12th km. Ok la. I give up. Tak sanggup dah.

This was where I stopped and waited for the support van. It came and there were already 2 girls in the van. The paramedic had to take both of my numbers off, he said for technical reasons, and promised to give them back when everything is done. I never saw them again. Chit podah. Takde souvenir aku kali ni.

I was brought to the medical bay. First, a lady approached me. From the trembling hands, I think she's a medical student. Then another doctor (pictured) came to check my foot. He's one cool dude. He said:

Cool Doctor: Sprained ke cramped?
Me: Sparined.
Cool Doctor: Hmmm (examining my right foot). You've got flat foot.
Me: Yeah, I know.
Cool Doctor: You know what to do, right?
Me: Rest, ice and painkillers?
Cool Doctor: Exactly (handing me some painkillers). Take one now and another one later tonight. You should be ok.

Haha. Why do I think he's cool? Because he understands runners' ego and respects it. Hahaha. No fuss, no kerek-kerek. In return, I respected him. Allah bless him.

At the recovery area, I met Chee Yoong. He finished the race at 2 hours 25 minutes. A huge blister on his left foot was staring at my face. Well worth it because now he's got something to brag about.

I was cooling my right foot in the ice bath when an African dude (very obvious from the accent) who was sitting opposite me began a convesation. He asked:

Kunta Kinte: Iz eet yor ankol?
Me: Excuse me?
Kunta: Yor ankol. Yor foot. Da one yor cooling down. Iz eet yor ankol that's painfool?
Me: Oh yeah. My ankle. I sprained it.

He noded, then dipped his socks in the ice bath and started wiping his legs to cool them down. Then he wiped one time too high, exposing his schtincker. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why must I witness it!!!!!!! Arggghh!!! I fled the scene quickly. Sicko.

All in all, the organizers did a very good job. Hell, they better do, since the fees was set at RM30. A lot of booth were set up that gave a lot of freebies. And with details like setting up a surau and all, they really did their homework well.

My aim in the future? Well, I'm demoting myself from 21k race events. From now on until I'm fit enough, I'm only going to run in 10k events. At least I get to finish it and get a medal or certificate. That's a lot better than just a piece of cloth with numbers.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i love ur entry

especially the part where you semayang subuh next to the car ... nice

i pon taktau lak race organizers ada buat surau ... maybe putrajaya only kot

which i would like to highlight why on earth KLIM organizers want to start the marathon at 5am?? Subuh camner?

all races regardless distance should start later ... kenapa nak takut matahari? if so dont be a runner ... tak macho langsung!!

itu pendapat i je lah

i will be doing ironman next year N bab solat is worrying me as much as the race pain itself .... prolly i need to bring my kain along on my bike N ikat somewhere. pening .. but i'll find a way

about ur injury ... i wish i could help ... you didnt put any details about it so i cant say much ...

the shoes (supernova control) are alright for you since you say ur a big guy with flat foot ... pandai u beli

i know a few big fellas who have ankle problems = its mainly becoz of the weight ... the ankle cant take too much beban

as like the cool doctor would say : you know wat to do, I dont need to tell you :)

cheers bro N take it ez

14 September, 2006  
Blogger Whatever said...

Azman, at least you have the guts to attempt 21 km. You've got to give yourself credit on that. You'll do better, next time ;)

15 September, 2006  
Blogger bola2api said...

weh.. gila scary mamat africa tu.. nasib baik kau sempat menepis watchaaaaa!


15 September, 2006  
Blogger Azman said...

Azwar: Subuh tu I agree, mana bleh jamak or qasar subuh kan? So races tu mula lambat sikit pun takpe. And 5am??!!! I never knew that! I wouldn't worry about subuh, but I would worry how the hell am I gonna prepare for a run that early?!

During ironman, you can always practice jamak and qasar. Place a sejadah with compas, kain pelikat and 1.5L mineral water for air semayang at the bike transition. You can semayang zohor and asar sekali after the bike leg. If you habis cycling during zuhur, do jamak takdim. If habis during asar, buat jamak takhir. Beza dia niat an order of prayer je. [kalau malas, you can always chose jamak takyah, haha]. But I'm sure you already knew about this. Kira ok la, after cycling, spend 5 mins praying, is like loosening up before the run. The fastest jamak-qasar Zuhur and Asar I ever did was 3 mins. Hehe. Not to be proud of but it's do-able and hey, ironman is like a war, so some rukhsah (ease) can be practised. Maghrib and Isyak can always be done after the race.

Mana nak solat? Next to your bike!! It's gonna be so cool you get to perform solat in the middle of the bike transition area witnessed by thousands of pair of eyes. Kasi gegar sikit, make a statement, Islam is easy.

Faie: Big guts = small brain. Hehe. I wasn't thinking right. Semangat terlebih-lebih. But I'm happy I did he run. Learned my lesson the hard way.

Aini: Macam cobra ooooo itu 'benda'!!!

13 November, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow...i like your blog...and next time, i nak visit the medical tent la...nak jumpa doc cool...hehhehe

do drop me a line at

17 January, 2012  

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