Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I'm currently at Sandakan airport, waiting to board the flight back to KL. Singapore Marathon is on this Sunday.

As I was putting on my shoes before leaving the house, I noticed some part of the sole is loose. A few steps later, the whole thing came off.


Will 3 days be enough to break into a new pair of shoes?


Blogger Mafeitz Mamat said...

bro.. gile lama kasut! haha good luck for Sing SC Marathon!

01 December, 2011  
Anonymous nadiah said...

salam bro azman. saya nak minta sikit info pasal houseman di sandakan boleh ke? my father transer job to sandakan. and he suggests i work there too for my housemanship. insyaAllah in early 2013. im currently a 6th year student in Alexandria U, Egypt.

06 December, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

Hi Nadiah.

Housemanship in Sandakan is okay. A lot of hands on, plenty of patients, and patients are simple hearted i.e tak banyak complains, litigations and that sort. But things may change by the time 2013 comes. When the program started, the first batch had 28 of us. Now most of the 28 are already MOs. The last houseman from the first batch will be an MO next month.

The lasr time I was told (around 3 months ago) there were 104 housemen. The number is increasing in trend. Honestly, with the bed strength of Sandakan, 60 would be optimum. Not too small to overwork you, not too big to still keep you on te edge of your seat. Anything more, housemen will start to slack. But I don't set the rules. Heh.

For more details, just read up my previous posts and comments. You can email me. Just look up for my email in the profile section.

07 December, 2011  
Anonymous nadiah said...

thank you for your reply. i have a rough idea now about housemanship in sandakan. if i have further question i will surely email u.
i hope u got a new pair of shoes before the marathon :)

09 December, 2011  

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