Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Who Knew Teeth Could Grow Sideways

I knew I have impacted molars on both sides for 5 years. It never gave me problem until 3 weeks ago. Rasa sengal je kat sebelah left jaw. A visit to the dentist and she gave me an appointment to extract both molars (38 and 48 [dental terms] yesterday.

How local aneasthesia works never fail to impress me. I hope whoever discovered it was given the Nobel prize.

It was relatively painless..... Until it wears off. Gila babeng sakit siol!!!!

Then there's dexamethasone. Aaahhhh. You gotta love steroids. And then there's etoricoxib. Next dose is due in a few minutes. After that, it's another 10 minutes before I ride the high.

Though I think I'll gain a few kg with the steroids and recovery ice cream. I hope I can shave those off in time for Singapore Half Marathon which is in 10 days.


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