Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing Host

A group of friends from uni came down to Sandakan yesterday to attend a wedding of one of us. It's good to see them again. It was great considering very little co-ordination and planning was done. Everyrhing sorts itself and just happen.

We managed to visit almost all of Sandakan touristy spots. The wedding was awesome. Great food. If only I wasn't postcall and feeling too tired.

Seeing old friends again and hearing how each of them have become successful in their respective hospitals and discipline, I can't help to feel proud of IMU. In the midst of sharing experience and stories, I feel thankful to my lecturers and the university support staff.

All the success stories shared that day belongs to the uni and the faculty.

From IMU Alumni Team North Borneo, we salute our teachers!


Anonymous Alexander said...

Super photos! Love them!

20 September, 2011  

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