Sunday, July 10, 2011

slowly disappearing


this sorts of clears me of having any delusion. i bought this pair of jeans in december. at that time, i could never pull it up pass my knees. today i was walking around town in it; properly worn of course. that's 8 inches off the waist. give or take 24 off the weighing scale.


Anonymous Chong_86 said...

Hi, I'm a final year student.
I saw your comment in efenem's blog not long ago.

Can I ask you a few questions? Sorry if I'm bothering you.

I'm looking for a less congested hospital (in terms of HOs) to do my housemanship, since learning opportunities are more.
Plus I don't mind going to smaller or even rural places.

Is overcrowding of HOs a problem in Hospital Sandakan currently?
According to your comment in efenem's blog in 2010 - there's only 28 HOs in the whole hospital.
Not sure about the current situation though since numbers of HOs are increasing exponentially every year.


13 July, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

hi chong. thanks for dropping by.

now the number of houseman in sandakan have grown. last i checked, it has tripled. there are 88 housemen now.

funnily with more housemen, things are still about the same, in fact some say it's worse. things not done. blood not taken. dispute among housemen for petty trivial issues.

the upside is, if you choose not to participate in the problems that some housemen are making and concentrate solely on work and training, you can still do a lot. while basking in the comfort of working with 16 other housemen in medical posting, a friend of mine managed to insert 40 central lines within the span of 4 months. some MOs in semenanjung don't even get to do that during their first month.

so yeah, you can still get that kind of opportunity doing your housemanship here. but you've gotta set your priorities straight. getting a comfortable income can really lure you to go off track.

but i suggest that you choose newer hospitals that have just been opened for housemen. semenanjung or sabah/sarawak alike. pioneer batches of housemen are always the best trained, in my humble opinion.

14 July, 2011  
Anonymous Chong_86 said...

I'm aware that there're a few new teaching hospitals available for HOs soon such as Bintulu, Segamat, etc.

However, these new hospitals are not listed in the "Senarai Hospital yang menyediakan Latihan Siswazah" in the application form for HOs.

Plus, I'll be sending my application form by end of this week.

Anyway, thanks for the reply, Dr. Azman. I've decided Sandakan, Tawau and Sibu as places for my training.

15 July, 2011  
Blogger Azman said...

you can call KKM up and ask them of hospitals that are taking housemen. the printed list you have may not be up to date. i heard keningau is also up for housemen. anyways, if you do get to sandakan, give me a shoutout.

15 July, 2011  
Blogger Dancing Ciken said...

38 SUDAH!!! ini sudah lawan saiz chief ni, congrats! bulan puasa ni lagi senang la turun ye

08 August, 2011  

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